Silent Quivers Updated

Silent Quivers WebSite update

I'm a huge fan of the silent quivers website.

The author is a lover of heavy corporal and all things strapping and bondage. Just what I like to deliver in a session. I do like a heavy masochist, they are so rewarding.

Do drop in and check it out. Some of the new stories are rather engaging.

Silent Quivers Is HAPPENING

Silent Quivers - Defines So Many Of My Clients

I always liked the title of my friend's website as it defines so many of my clients. They come to me after years of denial and avoidance, then they are literally quivering in the emotions they face in their first pro-Domme session.

I find it delightful at every level to be entrusted to make their first BDSM experience a good one.

So, please do visit Silent Quivers - do checkout the writings. While I am sure they don't apply to everyone, they sure to desonate with many of my clients.

I'm just wondering, what should I contyribute? Maybe details of a session? Maybe details of some of my equipment? We'll see. Work is totally engrossing, going through the startup phase and trying to delegate where possible.

For Those Not In The Know - What Is This Silent Quiver?

Rick my long standing client who has been into BDSM for most of his adolescent and all his adult life said, "It is the powerful inner emotions that the BDSM I like triggers. It is almost as if I'm quivering, vibrating in my need for it at time."

Wow. He's right. I know some firsat time clients are emotionally super fragile when I meet them so it takes a lot of empathy and care to provide just what they want. And what they need. Sometimes those two things can be difficult to define and differentiate.

Rick has been a great client and now his partner is seeing to some of his needs for corporal and bondage. She's also giving him all the sex that I don't offer which is a good thing. I'll probably make time off from my new career to session with them again shortly. They are a delightful couple.

The best thing about Rick and his partner is that they've achieved a level of acceptance for BDSM and are able to take pleasure and shared intimacy from it. It brings so much to their relationship.

Play safe - play sane - enjoy life.




Catching Up To My Loyal Slaves

WOW! It is long past time to catch up

To all my loyal slaves, Mistress understands your disappointment at her lack of communication.

You see, I have been busy beavering away on some high tech work that is all very hush hush. Not only that, I’ve been living away from home and the work hours have been insane. There have been some interesting perks such as the morning workouts. I do love men in uniform.

One other thing that’s come to my attention has been the re-write of the website I’ve watched for a few years now. This is an interesting site that you kinksters out there will get some benefit from. It is Silent Quivers and it’s goal is to be a resource for the BDSM community.

Reading through it, it is clear the writer has suffered deeply from a lack of information and a stigmatization of the whole BDSM genre. It is his goal to educate and to provide topical and honest information. Do visit.

For now my loyal slaves, Mistress must get back to work.


I (need to) feel better now

Life Can Be So Difficult

I know. Why post again so quickly? Sigh.

The answer is that for some reason, posting the previous article about the Naughty Shorts book Trikki is writing lifted my spirits so much.

Also, it has made me make a decision. It helped set a course of action.

From making that decision I can feel a new lease of life, a new me even though I’ve not had a session in such a long time. Opening myself up has also been cathartic.

How long has it been since I had a session?

Maybe six months. Heavens. I can give five or more sessions to my clients in an evening, but does Mistress Tish get anything in return (well there is the money)? No. The answer is I give and give and all I get is cold hard emotionless money. Where is my stress relief? Who puts back into me? How an I fulfilled?

Who understands the difficulty of crafting BDSM sessions that captivate and consume my clients, shift their perceptions into sub space and gives them relief more than me?

Often clients and others peripherally on the edges of BDSM think the Mistress is all seeing and all knowing. Let me tell you. It can be a challenge. Sure I have an eye that takes in and analyzes with one glance. I see the kneeling slave, I can almost get into his or her head, then I craft the session to fulfil. To consume. To transport. But it comes at a cost. Nothing is for free. I put in energy both physical and emotional.

The physical effort is easy. I work out, I run, I swim and do a little martial arts training. But the emotional energy is different. It lingers. It sits deeply. Sometimes after a big afternoon and evening of giving demanding sessions I am washed out. I feel like my brain is almost bruised and I’ve got nothing more to give.

I suppose it would be easier if I didn’t care about my clients. I could just sort of session them. I could ease up on the creativity. I could fixate on me and my needs instead of giving them what they need (as opposed to what they want) and I think that would be a lot easier.

The problem is that it would not be honest. I would not be providing a proper service to them. I know my client list would shrink and my return-rate would drop. So the money would reduce. DAMN it is all about the money again.

I can only be me and that comes at a cost.

The Pleasures Of a Boyfriend

Now those of you following my blog (thank you) know that Roger has been a God-send for me. I’m not a clingy-needy person, but having a steady boyfriend has been a revelation.

Together and being a couple is almost addictive. Being up front and honest with him on night one was a winning strategy. Now he understands who I am and we form a couple based on trust and connection. Sure, the sex is brilliant and his mind is even better. Wow. The full package.

Hmm. I’ve not tried him with dancing yet. He is a bit geeky. It could be challenging to keep a straight face if I get him onto the dance floor. Oh dear. I’m feeling the humour in that right now. Again my spirits lift.

The problem is that the wonderful togetherness, the sex, the snuggling between the sheets and the soul touching communication aren’t the complete thing for me. My own need for a BDSM session is still there. It festers. It grows.

It is so hard to be honest isn’t it.

I know I expect it of my clients, yet when it is me and writing those words I was and am so tempted to erase the whole article.

The Stigma Lingers

What is it with this? I am a professional dominatrix yet I struggle to express my needs. It feelts strangly hypocritical and that upsets me. I hate dishonesty.

I know my sessions make my subs feel better. They come in stressed out, tense, almost quivering in their inner tensions. Then when they leave they are truly new people.

Yet I struggle with my own needs. I struggle to express them. Most of all I struggle to actually do something about it.

I have tried therapy. A little. It was a mixed blessing as not all therapists are created equal. In fact, before my first session where Magenta sessioned me, I spent an agonizing couple of hours on the couch talking about me. The insights from that really did help.

Maybe this could be yet another ‘short’ for Trikki. Mistresses first session. Oh dear. That would make it even slower to be released.

On that. Therapy. It is a strange thing to open oneself up to a stranger. No matter that they are a professional. But doing it really is helpful.

Thinking about that some more, it is exactly what my clients do when I session them. I am their therapist. I listen to their needs, I analyze their reactions, I take them through a session that gives them fundamental relief.

So why am I so precious about this?

It is a stigma that lingers long after my vanilla upbringing. My parents instilled in me a certain mind set that is not compatible with my work or my needs. Now I find that struggle in accepting I am a real person with real needs.

I will have a session.

Having made the decision and writing this, I feel the relief in me.

To Be Complete

But you dear reader, and I know many of my subs follow my exploits, you all now know that Mistress is a real person with her own needs. She’s maybe not the ice-queen she portrays in session.

Like us all, Mistress is multi faceted. Denying one piece of Mistress, pushing it into the background leads to significant stress. Just like for her subs.

So, it is time for Mistress Magenta to take me to sub space again for an hour. The questions that leap out are;

1. What do I tell Roger?

2. Should he participate?

Sure, Mistress Tish gets her full service sub Angel to give her clients a happy ending. Should Mistress Tish when she is having a session herself have a happy ending? It is appealing. Roger may in fact enjoy it for a double or more happy ending.

Damn. Those are diverting thoughts.

Then the next demeaning question is;

3. Should I tell Trikki for his naughty shorts?

Damn and triple damn.  How precious is Mistress with her needs? That is the real question. Oh. And how brave?

I need to talk to Magenta about this. When Trikki eventually publishes his book of naughty shorts it will be probably be over 500 pages and growing. I think he needs a little push to get it finished.

Pay safe and sane,


Naughty Shorts Update

Naughty Shorts Has become Un-Short

Trikki emailed me this week to say his book of naughty shorts was approaching 400 pages. I mean, how is that short? Maybe Trikki needs to be taken firmly in hand and made to understand just what the term ‘short’ means.

I grumbled that it’s been too long in coming to which Trikki made a comment about coming I won’t dignify.

However the good news is that my two entries have been expanded out to be really quite engrossing. The short about my boyfriend turns out to be a winner – and my MILF session is interesting to say the least. I think maybe Trikki needs a MILF session to bring it a little closer to reality – but it is not bad.

Some of the other shorts are interesting. Where does he get his ideas from?

Have you ever despaired of the entitled generation? Well you’ll love one of his stories about ‘millennias’ and how they are taken in hand to make them the best they can be. I found that funi to read.

Our mutual friend Rick also gets a big mention. Twice. I was never into self bondage but Rick does make it feel attractive. i could be talked into giving it a try one drk and lonely night.

Oh. That is if I break up with Roger. He is more than capable of filling my needs at the moment. He’s not trained in kink but the possibility is there. It mighht be fun to play at home. I do know he likes me in my gear though, the corset is a definite turn on, just like all the boys and some of the girls I’ve found. I think maybe it’s that the girls find it easier to not give away that me in the corset is a turn on. For the boys their ‘compass needle’ gives them away far too easily.

Another short about a ‘Strapubus’ I liked. I’ll cut out a pieece of this for Mistress Magenta. She has a habit of collecting men for a bit of pleasure from time to tiome. Like me she struggles to find a life partner, but the Strapubus story is interesting. Trikki’s ideas sounded rather appealing, even to me.

Maybe I could press my boyfriend into some scripted role play one night and we can have a Srapubus evening?

Oh dear. Oh. I’ve made myself all unsettled.

So – the naughty shorts will be coming soon. Probably around my birthday in August. A lovely monh for some serious kink as the days start to cool and the call of the bed linnen increases.


Back At Work – Trikkis New Book

Work and No Play

Well! After a few months in bondage to the mighty dollar I’m back in the blogosphere.

Seems like when everything is going well, when I think I can relax, something comes up and breaks all my well laid plans. And so it was for me.

I’d just achieved a breakthrough in my research project when, you wouldn’t believe it, my contract was cancelled and I had to repay monies paid else a full investigation was promised. Since my role included some ‘percussive tactile therapy’ along with the quantum effects research, I gracefully withdrew.

However, out of the jaws of disaster I managed to secure a win that will I believe pay off rather nicely. I was able to keep my intellectual property I developed. After all, if the contract was cancelled, then it is mine surely? That argument was accepted and now I have it in writing. Not only that, the prototype I built along with some of the development parts was part of the deal.

Of course, this was hard fought. They said they’d give me hard time if I fought it out, and I said I’d repay in kind if I couldn’t walk away with what I wanted so we got a reasonable quid-pro-quo. They haven’t realized properly what the value of what I created was and one day soon they will.

So, what was the value of what I got? ‘m not saying, but “possibly heaps” is what I’m thinking. To convert that”possibly” into reality is what I’ve been doing these last six months or more.

Like wow, how can a girl get some time off? I’ve bought land, developed plans for a research and manufacturing facility, hired a construction team, and begun all the work needed to make it happen.

So, how did I pay for it all? Ahh, that is a very good question and my friend Trikki, my biographer, will reveal all in good time.

The BIG News

But that’s not all. I finally admitted to Trikki that I got myself a boyfriend. YES. An actual man not in the dungeon I can have my happy way with. It’s been a looong time since that happened, but thankfully using a man for fun and pleasure is not a hard task. It certainly has its moments. I’ve found they are easily trained.

Naughty Book for Short Stories

Anyway, I’ve allowed Trikki to publish some of all that in an upcoming book of short stories….. “A Naughty Book Of Short Stories” is its provisional name. I thought it might be fun to give my followers a little intimate Tish-Action that puts a human face on the dungeon-Goddess of BDSM that I am <smile>.

Not only that, readers will see me out and about mixing with mere mortals who remain blissfully ignorant of the dominatrix in their midst. That would be me.

Trikki is such a naughty person. I have a fantasy session book that outlines many of the different sessions I do ranging from the mild to the wild, for just me and some with a full service sub, usually Angel. Well I sent Trikki some notes on a woodshed MiLF session I do where the mom puts the leather to a naughty (grown) boy’s rear along with the girl next door, all in the woodshed of course, bent over the saddle. Of course there are a few happy endings to go with the bright red rumps.

Trikki even sent me a proof copy, like wow, and there’s even the script for a ‘Ted Talk’ – wonders will never cease.

So, that’s me. More news on my next day off, hopefully not too far away.


Mistress Magenta wants to be Young Again

I was emailing my dear friend Mistress Magenta this week. She is older than me, in her mid forties but like WOW is she HOT.

I’m talking a sexiness that oozes from her. In fetish I know I can make clients drool, get their eyes crossed, but Mistress Magenta takes it to a new level. She has a way of talking, of looking, of just projecting that sexiness.

Anyway, she told me about Young Again a book by Trikki Watson on Amazon. She loved it.

Mistress Magenta was not happy, she’d found a few gray hairs, a little hint of a few wrinkles, and the book by ‘Trikki hit a nerve. She said the first half was  ‘vanilla’ and scene setting – but the last half made up for that very nicely.

To Be Young Again

Imagine, being able to roll back the ravages of time AND get a massive dose of kink at the same time. To see the gray hairs go, to see the bust lift and the booty firm up. Imagine the effect on the libido that a hot revived body would give. Then, during the treatment, the total immersion in kink giving a whole new aspect on life.

Mistress Magenta said the bondage and sex session taking up the last half of the book made her lust after the experience. She’s not often keen on doing a sub-session but from the Young Again book, she’d be in it, in a flash.

On her recommendation, I looked at the last half and decided this needs to be a session in my ‘Session Book’ scripts I keep for clients. I think Angel would look extra good trussed up nicely like a fetish maid and my naughty boy clients taking their discipline in straps just like in the book.

Goodness. I’ve getting a little unsettled myself.

Always a pleasure – ‘MT


Just a quick note. A friend emailed me to say my site has lost it’s contact form, and so it has. William my I.T. slave admitted, under duress, to having broken the contact form and then deleting it. Good help really is hard to find.

So, should you feel the need to contact me, please resist. As mentioned, I’m not taking sessions at the moment due to other work commitments.

For those intrepid souls wishing to contact me directly, please see the FAQ page for my email address.

If the need for a session becomes irresistible, Mistress Magenta at SatisfactionX should be able to see to your needs.

Take time to live – ‘MT

Day Release

For my first outing from the base since I got there, I made the trip to the nearest town and what a town this is. It is amazing. Sue’s diner is an ideal place to compose a longer blog entry and she even has free WiFi for me to upload. Also a winner is her salad. It’s nice and crisp with the vinegar dressing light and tangy, then, well, after that I spoiled myself with a slice of pecan pie. I’m more than halfway tempted to do a review for TripAdvisor.

Why the longer blog?

Seems to me this might be an ideal place to record my eclectic experiences, well some of them, in my two areas of expertise. Not only that, Trikki Watson my unofficial biographer and story teller can use it as ‘seed’ material for his books. I quite liked the last two and thinking that, it reminds me when I think of Rick and his gear, the saddle shop here has some interesting leather goods I’m going to invest in.

Anyway, on arrival I had just enough time after parking my sad little SUV to make a booking at the salon, right before police chief Loz cited me for vehicle defects. That was annoying, then he let me off so long as I got them fixed and that was a pleasure. Considering what was wrong with my SUV, I thought that a rather enlightened attitude which is much appreciated.

Note to self; never speed, go through a stop sign or get creative with law and order round here. This place is wired.

All in all the repairs to my SUV turned out well, I got it all done for a good price at Ron’s Autos and without the ‘ticket, saved some real money as well. My SUV was purchased for a good price and I can see why now, it is not in the best of mechanical condition. I’m thinking I’ve never disciplined a used car salesman, at least not that I know of, but I’m writing that occupation down for very strict treatment. I mean, there must be guilt lurking down in their psyche somewhere, the kind of guilt that only some serious corporal and maybe an extended introduction to Mr Peg will alleviate. They’ll feel better for it.

Anyway, sure, I can afford to buy a new SUV with all the options but why? I drive it once a week at most now, and it’s left out in the sun and the snow so that would be a waste and neglect of a fine SUV. Instead I’m toying with the idea of getting it mechanically sound, maybe even a little performance work done which will be cheaper and give me the same pleasure from my limited driving. Note to self; might be fun to have a hotted up SUV.

Everywhere I went in the town, population 5,200, people knew me or knew of me. What is it with this place? Starting with the chief of police, then the mechanic then the hair stylist, then at the diner I didn’t even need to say who I was (and I got called ‘honey’ – if my slaves only knew). There is no escape in this town, the internet has got nothing on these people for spreading information.

The real concern is that my ‘special role’ doesn’t get to be general knowledge. The D.I. (drill instructor) and the men I work out with on morning P.T. must have spread my name here. I have been uncommonly naughty in the morning workouts, twerking extra hard in my best skimpy and tight outfits. D.I. Triffit almost broke a smile on the first morning, but that would be asking too much.

I did a quick lookup of my website. Seems there is a direct correlation between an application of the cane and I.T. achievements as slave William will attest. Normally we work in sets of six for a ‘six of the best’ then repeat it a few times, but William being in I.T. we worked in groups of four bits. Four bits you ask? Well, that’s one nybble, half a byte and can have 16 combinations. So, I gave him sets of sixteen of the best. A few times. From looking at my website, I’d believe he did a lot of work standing up very soon after our little ‘heart to heart’ about my website.

You’re shitting me,’ was my unaccustomed salty comment when William told me about what’s happened to BitCoin. I don’t like swearing but that slipped out from surprise. He said it had climbed to twenty thousand a coin. I looked at him and said, ‘slave, I promise you that jokes about money do not impress Mistress,‘ but he swore it was true. I caned him anyway of course, but when I looked it up later I said it again, ‘you’re shitting me,’ again and quite loudly so it seems I’m a multimillionaire now. Wow. When do I sell? Should I sell? Should I hedge to maybe cash in a small number to convert to secure real cash? I saw a post saying it might hit $100k a ‘coin. You have to be kidding me on that one, no way, then again I was getting BitCoin at a few bucks a shot six years ago and I was even over-paying at the time. I’ve just got to make sure I’ve still got the password to my little stash and check on that broker. Having some hacker steal the lot would be so annoying.

With those thoughts, time to move on. I’ll get Ron at Ron’s autos to run up a plan to spruce up my little SUV.

Do play happily and play safe – ‘MT

Christmas 2017 best wishes

To ALL I wish a blissful Christmas and a happy, safe and healthy New Year.

2017 has been a year of upheaval for me and probably for many. Hopefully 2018 will be good for us all.

At this time of year I know so many people without loved ones nearby can feel depressed and I don’t blame them. I hate the thought of the bone deep sadness that would cause so I urge you to reach out. There are groups, churches, internet meeting places you may try. Do not suffer alone, please.

For myself a long way from my parents and friends I’m having Christmas at work. The Christmas spirit is somewhat subdued here but it does exist, an effort is made, and I feel included. Thank you.

Now, some of my clients have been sending me email, wondering at my return. As mentioned in my FAQ, I doubt I shall be returning any time soon. I do apologize we cannot session again in the near future but at least Mistress Magenta and Angel are there for you. Do make a booking with them.

All my best for the new year – ‘MT