Catching Up To My Loyal Slaves

WOW! It is long past time to catch up

To all my loyal slaves, Mistress understands your disappointment at her lack of communication.

You see, I have been busy beavering away on some high tech work that is all very hush hush. Not only that, I’ve been living away from home and the work hours have been insane. There have been some interesting perks such as the morning workouts. I do love men in uniform.

One other thing that’s come to my attention has been the re-write of the website I’ve watched for a few years now. This is an interesting site that you kinksters out there will get some benefit from. It is Silent Quivers and it’s goal is to be a resource for the BDSM community.

Reading through it, it is clear the writer has suffered deeply from a lack of information and a stigmatization of the whole BDSM genre. It is his goal to educate and to provide topical and honest information. Do visit.

For now my loyal slaves, Mistress must get back to work.