Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At present I am pursuing another career, but here I may answer a few of your questions.

Why have you left, and for how long?

Dominatrix work was always my 'fall back' from my other career. It gave me an income during my university years and, quite frankly, I've enjoyed it.

How long will I be gone from SatisfactionX? I have no idea. At present it would be safe to say indefinitely.


What advice do you give those new to BDSM?

Google is your friend - but use him wisely. The internet has much advice that is just plain crap, along with the good.

I like the Silent Quivers website. This is written by a person deep into BDSM and worth a look.

Most important of all, collect information from many sources and Do Not Be Discouraged. You are not alone. Our community is embracing, love filled, and will welcome you.

Will I miss dominatrix work?

Yes, of course. Many of my clients became and will remain my friends. You know who you are. Thank you.

However, my new career has use for my dominatrix skills. Some of my exploits have been published by Trikki Watson. You'll find my picture on his website.

I'd like to follow your career. May I?

Much of what I am doing it classified work but if you go to '' he has been allowed to publish some of my exploits. Much has been done to ensure that secret information is not exposed or people's careers damaged .

Can I contact you?

I am at present not taking sessions as I'm pursuing my other career. This may or may not change in the future. However, for clients and friends wishing to renew contact, a short and respectful email may be answered.

I note my I.T. slave William has broken the "Contact" form of my website. It is plain he is not sufficiently motivated. Therefore, my email address is, as always, tish at mistresstish dot com

Since I am very busy and will only be able to check for messages when I'm off-base, do not expect a rapid reply.