I am Mistress Tish

As you may have guessed, I am a dominatrix. By legal definition, I am a sex worker but I do not offer any sexual contact or services. Let me make this abundantly clear; do not ask for sex with me as a harsh refusal is guaranteed to offend.

Now, what does a dominatrix do?

If you need to ask that question then I begin to wonder why you are here. My picture shows me dressed in fetish. If you try, you can imagine me holding a cane and you will be naked and bent over a whipping horse for the beating you so richly deserve.

I specialize in bondage and discipline. That would be me tying you up and then delivering corporal punishment. Safe words are respected, but you will be extended.

Have you got the idea yet?

Perhaps you might wonder why all this happens? Let me explain, but pay attention, I may ask questions later. Many people need to relinquish control to another and for that other person to make them regress, to take their here-and-now perception and change that into a different perception of time and sense of self. This change is into a place called 'sub-space' and is the result of a person experiencing their most intimate fantasies.

Part of the reason is stress relief. By moving away from reality, it is possible to remove all stress, to detox and move past problems in one's life.

Pain is an integral part of this process. The Mistress provides this for you the slave to accept and from that to understand your position. May people need to have pain inflicted on them, to focus on, to shift them away from reality. It is a tool used by the Mistress to control the slave's perceptions.

Now, since I am the Mistress, who would you be?

Tell me about Mistress Tish

You must ask politely. I did not hear the 'p' word at the end of that request. In addressing a dominatrix, it is best to assume that politeness is not optional.

Just this one time I shall answer without disciplining you for that lack of a simple courtesy.

I am Mistress Tish, a dominatrix. I am in my mid-20's and am highly educated. My PhD is for physics and mathematics and I am entirely comfortable in a laboratory or a science text book.

My clients tell me I am attractive and in fetish they do react strongly. I am close to six feet tall and slim. I work out regularly and do martial arts training. My diet is carefully regulated so that I have retained my athletic shape from my teen years.

My dominatrix sessions are crafted carefully from over seven years of experience and having a natural flair and aptitude for the profession. My sessions transport, engulf and captivate my clients and that is my goal.