Silent Quivers Is HAPPENING

Silent Quivers - Defines So Many Of My Clients

I always liked the title of my friend's website as it defines so many of my clients. They come to me after years of denial and avoidance, then they are literally quivering in the emotions they face in their first pro-Domme session.

I find it delightful at every level to be entrusted to make their first BDSM experience a good one.

So, please do visit Silent Quivers - do checkout the writings. While I am sure they don't apply to everyone, they sure to desonate with many of my clients.

I'm just wondering, what should I contyribute? Maybe details of a session? Maybe details of some of my equipment? We'll see. Work is totally engrossing, going through the startup phase and trying to delegate where possible.

For Those Not In The Know - What Is This Silent Quiver?

Rick my long standing client who has been into BDSM for most of his adolescent and all his adult life said, "It is the powerful inner emotions that the BDSM I like triggers. It is almost as if I'm quivering, vibrating in my need for it at time."

Wow. He's right. I know some firsat time clients are emotionally super fragile when I meet them so it takes a lot of empathy and care to provide just what they want. And what they need. Sometimes those two things can be difficult to define and differentiate.

Rick has been a great client and now his partner is seeing to some of his needs for corporal and bondage. She's also giving him all the sex that I don't offer which is a good thing. I'll probably make time off from my new career to session with them again shortly. They are a delightful couple.

The best thing about Rick and his partner is that they've achieved a level of acceptance for BDSM and are able to take pleasure and shared intimacy from it. It brings so much to their relationship.

Play safe - play sane - enjoy life.