Re-tasking an Off Billet Strap

Rick, one of my favorite clients, introduced me to the off billet strap.

The first thing I thought when I saw this strap; ‘What A Lovely Piece Of Leather’

Now you need to understand this; I am a dominatrix, among other things, and first class corporal punishment equipment is no stranger to me. I’ve been using them for years; canes, belts, straps, tawse, single tails, floggers and even the venerable stock whip. Ah, the stock whip; I was trained by an ambidextrous mistress who used a stock whip in each hand on a client’s butt in a session – bliss – but that’s another story.

I am a frequent flier to local and interstate suppliers of fine leather, rattan and rubber implements. I regularly scour the internet for new and interesting items and consider myself to be both knowledgeable and critical of corporal punishment equipment.

And yet with all this expertise and industry experience of mine, Rick has managed to up-stage me with this remarkable leather strap.

The Ideal Dimensions for Corporal

I once used a strap that was made of 2 layers of thick leather that were sewn together. It was about 30 inches long, 2 inches wide and it was a dismal failure. It was difficult to use and its effectiveness was disappointing. It looked more severe than it actually was.

By contrast, the off billet strap is significantly shorter yet it fits the hand ideally. It doesn’t have a narrowed down section for a hand hold, it is the same width for all its length, yet gripping it works so well. It seems to invite being held, invite the hand to grip it and then to swing it with authority.

Looking at it, it is held by the fold so that the two ends, not being sewn together, are able to move ideally through the air with the least amount of resistance. It just works.

I got the tape measure onto my Off Billet strap and made the following measurements;

Length (folded) 22 inches, width 2 inches, thickness (folded) 3/8 inch.


Now, I love using belts. Belts are just so useful and multi use.

A fine belt looks good, performs a function, and in a dungeon can generate a uniquely appealing sting. Rick and Judith adore them and their collection is extensive. Rick has been collecting for years and now with Judith he’s found a soul mate. Seeing her come to a session with a belt round her waist I just know how it’s going to be used.

Now a long belt used for corporal just doesn’t work all that well for some uses. It can impart a sting, a slap, but sometimes shortening a belt can improve it significantly.

The above is why for a good butt strapping I favor the folded (doubled) belt. It is about a foot and a half long, maybe up to two feet long and it is just right. Not too long, not too short. It is firm, it cover both butt cheeks with minimal wrap and it lands with authority. A strapping from a doubled belt is always hots the spot.

However for strapping hands and even breasts (my lady clients do have some very particular needs) a single belt is ideal. Across a breast, a doubled belt just is a bit much and let’s not talk about crutch strapping. Across hands, a doubled belt is a bit heavy. It goes to ‘thud’ whereas a hand strapping is all about sting.

Now, the off billet strap is best used across the butt as-is. Doubled. Hard. For technique the off-billet just invites use as-is. Don’t fiddle with it, just use it.


Without having it applied to my own tush (I am after all a dominatrix) I have been reliably informed that it is close in severity to the Canadian Prison Strap which surprised me.

For those not familiar, the Canadian Prison Strap has to be seen to be believed. Designed specifically for punishment of prisoners, it is one of the most severe implements I have ever used. Pulling one of these out on a first timer would not be the done thing unless they had a remarkable tolerance.

In a few days I’ll post details of the wonderful Canadian Prison Strap Rick introduced me to. I’d heard of them, but never seen or used one previously. For experienced corporal clients, these are a must have.

BDSM For Stress Relief

Well Hello There.

It is difficult blogging, security here is tight and I’m honor as well as contractually and security bound to observe full security on my work. Both kinds of work.

My life has been more than busy what with the R&D project I’m involved with, but also the ‘special needs’ aspect of my engagement have been soaking up time too. Whilst I can’t detail exactly what I’m doing, I can give you a subtle feeling.

Subtle feelings and a dominatrix do not go hand-in-hand, but I’ll try.

Firstly, my new research is progressing toward a breakthrough in the realization of the theory. Simple as that. My supervisor believes, as do I, that it will develop into a new form of technology. There are so many avenues and pathways this can take. I’m looking for the pathway with wealth at the end of course.

Money. Wealth. Aside; what is it with BitCoin recently? Where is it really headed? My own stash, since I was doing sessions with part payment in BitCoin for the last 6 years is substantial and all of a sudden it isĀ  worth real money. Lucky I didn’t buy pizzas with them as other people were doing.

My special after hours activities are also becoming demanding. Strangely enough, I’m finding my dominatrix work is becoming essential for my own stress relief. Immersing myself in the quantum continuum and spending so many hours deep in theory I find my brain does regularly need a rest. Just getting into my gear produces just such a feeling as after all, I’ve been doing it for a long time now. It’s amazing how the feeling of dressing in leather or rubber shifts my perceptions, changes my personality.

Maybe Rick at should write a small essay on the linking of the brains response to various forms of tactile stimulus. I might suggest it.

My dominatrix skills were the reason for me getting this engagement. Sure, the physics side was mandatory but the BDSM side was necessary to ‘treat’ other scientists. Euphemistically I could say that I’m whipping them into shape and you’d get the idea. The reality is that with the stress in their lives they need to escape and shift their perceptions.

What relieves stress and takes the individual away from reality better than a corporal punishment BDSM session? Answer; such a session with Mistress Tish. The whip helps, but the bondage, the restraint and lock and leave in a dungeon, the knowledge they must submit to ME are equally as cleansing for them as the whip. Rest assured the whip, the strap, the tawse and cane are not spared. Why should mere scientists get special attention and miss out on anything?

My first session with Dr X went well. He’s now got both mental and emotional feet back on the ground but sitting is difficult (as it should be after proper discipline). General-B is delighted but limited in his praise. “Doctor Swift, a war is not won with a single battle,” and I guess I know what he means. Dr X will get his next session soon enough. Submitting to Mistress will become his regular therapy.

Now, I struggle to believe it, they are foisting another scientist on me. Sigh. This time it is a woman and whilst I’m no stranger to applying thr strap to woman-bits, I do find it challenging. Hopefully Mandy will help.

‘Trikki over at is my biographer, writing up the notes I dictate and will release a new title in the coming weeks, maybe for the new year.

I notice that Rick over at ‘’ is struggling with his website. I should send William my I.T. slave over to help him, but since William broke my site, I might resist that temptation. I like Rick, his idea of a site that demystifies BDSM and talks to the people for whom it is taboo yet appealing is a good idea. I’ve had so many newbie clients crying from stress, anything that helps them can’t be a bad thing.

For now, play safe, play sane, ‘MT


What a busy couple of months

Well, I’m back.

I doubt I would ever have believed just how busy life can be.
First of all, and a huge apology, my original website was deleted due to my provider not having correct billing details. William my I.T. slave will be paying a heavy price for that.
This site, starting from the beginning has very little content as I’m now moving into another career and hence it would be unfair to raise false expectations, but I do have great affection for this part of my life.
Over the coming months I hope to occasionally post updates on my progress and my dear friend Trikki Watson has agreed to occasionally document some parts of my life.