Mistress Magenta wants to be Young Again

I was emailing my dear friend Mistress Magenta this week. She is older than me, in her mid forties but like WOW is she HOT.

I’m talking a sexiness that oozes from her. In fetish I know I can make clients drool, get their eyes crossed, but Mistress Magenta takes it to a new level. She has a way of talking, of looking, of just projecting that sexiness.

Anyway, she told me about Young Again a book by Trikki Watson on Amazon. She loved it.

Mistress Magenta was not happy, she’d found a few gray hairs, a little hint of a few wrinkles, and the book by ‘Trikki hit a nerve. She said the first half was  ‘vanilla’ and scene setting – but the last half made up for that very nicely.

To Be Young Again

Imagine, being able to roll back the ravages of time AND get a massive dose of kink at the same time. To see the gray hairs go, to see the bust lift and the booty firm up. Imagine the effect on the libido that a hot revived body would give. Then, during the treatment, the total immersion in kink giving a whole new aspect on life.

Mistress Magenta said the bondage and sex session taking up the last half of the book made her lust after the experience. She’s not often keen on doing a sub-session but from the Young Again book, she’d be in it, in a flash.

On her recommendation, I looked at the last half and decided this needs to be a session in my ‘Session Book’ scripts I keep for clients. I think Angel would look extra good trussed up nicely like a fetish maid and my naughty boy clients taking their discipline in straps just like in the book.

Goodness. I’ve getting a little unsettled myself.

Always a pleasure – ‘MT

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