Back At Work – Trikkis New Book

Work and No Play

Well! After a few months in bondage to the mighty dollar I’m back in the blogosphere.

Seems like when everything is going well, when I think I can relax, something comes up and breaks all my well laid plans. And so it was for me.

I’d just achieved a breakthrough in my research project when, you wouldn’t believe it, my contract was cancelled and I had to repay monies paid else a full investigation was promised. Since my role included some ‘percussive tactile therapy’ along with the quantum effects research, I gracefully withdrew.

However, out of the jaws of disaster I managed to secure a win that will I believe pay off rather nicely. I was able to keep my intellectual property I developed. After all, if the contract was cancelled, then it is mine surely? That argument was accepted and now I have it in writing. Not only that, the prototype I built along with some of the development parts was part of the deal.

Of course, this was hard fought. They said they’d give me hard time if I fought it out, and I said I’d repay in kind if I couldn’t walk away with what I wanted so we got a reasonable quid-pro-quo. They haven’t realized properly what the value of what I created was and one day soon they will.

So, what was the value of what I got? ‘m not saying, but “possibly heaps” is what I’m thinking. To convert that”possibly” into reality is what I’ve been doing these last six months or more.

Like wow, how can a girl get some time off? I’ve bought land, developed plans for a research and manufacturing facility, hired a construction team, and begun all the work needed to make it happen.

So, how did I pay for it all? Ahh, that is a very good question and my friend Trikki, my biographer, will reveal all in good time.

The BIG News

But that’s not all. I finally admitted to Trikki that I got myself a boyfriend. YES. An actual man not in the dungeon I can have my happy way with. It’s been a looong time since that happened, but thankfully using a man for fun and pleasure is not a hard task. It certainly has its moments. I’ve found they are easily trained.

Naughty Book for Short Stories

Anyway, I’ve allowed Trikki to publish some of all that in an upcoming book of short stories….. “A Naughty Book Of Short Stories” is its provisional name. I thought it might be fun to give my followers a little intimate Tish-Action that puts a human face on the dungeon-Goddess of BDSM that I am <smile>.

Not only that, readers will see me out and about mixing with mere mortals who remain blissfully ignorant of the dominatrix in their midst. That would be me.

Trikki is such a naughty person. I have a fantasy session book that outlines many of the different sessions I do ranging from the mild to the wild, for just me and some with a full service sub, usually Angel. Well I sent Trikki some notes on a woodshed MiLF session I do where the mom puts the leather to a naughty (grown) boy’s rear along with the girl next door, all in the woodshed of course, bent over the saddle. Of course there are a few happy endings to go with the bright red rumps.

Trikki even sent me a proof copy, like wow, and there’s even the script for a ‘Ted Talk’ – wonders will never cease.

So, that’s me. More news on my next day off, hopefully not too far away.


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