Naughty Shorts Update

Naughty Shorts Has become Un-Short

Trikki emailed me this week to say his book of naughty shorts was approaching 400 pages. I mean, how is that short? Maybe Trikki needs to be taken firmly in hand and made to understand just what the term ‘short’ means.

I grumbled that it’s been too long in coming to which Trikki made a comment about coming I won’t dignify.

However the good news is that my two entries have been expanded out to be really quite engrossing. The short about my boyfriend turns out to be a winner – and my MILF session is interesting to say the least. I think maybe Trikki needs a MILF session to bring it a little closer to reality – but it is not bad.

Some of the other shorts are interesting. Where does he get his ideas from?

Have you ever despaired of the entitled generation? Well you’ll love one of his stories about ‘millennias’ and how they are taken in hand to make them the best they can be. I found that funi to read.

Our mutual friend Rick also gets a big mention. Twice. I was never into self bondage but Rick does make it feel attractive. i could be talked into giving it a try one drk and lonely night.

Oh. That is if I break up with Roger. He is more than capable of filling my needs at the moment. He’s not trained in kink but the possibility is there. It mighht be fun to play at home. I do know he likes me in my gear though, the corset is a definite turn on, just like all the boys and some of the girls I’ve found. I think maybe it’s that the girls find it easier to not give away that me in the corset is a turn on. For the boys their ‘compass needle’ gives them away far too easily.

Another short about a ‘Strapubus’ I liked. I’ll cut out a pieece of this for Mistress Magenta. She has a habit of collecting men for a bit of pleasure from time to tiome. Like me she struggles to find a life partner, but the Strapubus story is interesting. Trikki’s ideas sounded rather appealing, even to me.

Maybe I could press my boyfriend into some scripted role play one night and we can have a Srapubus evening?

Oh dear. Oh. I’ve made myself all unsettled.

So – the naughty shorts will be coming soon. Probably around my birthday in August. A lovely monh for some serious kink as the days start to cool and the call of the bed linnen increases.


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