Just a quick note. A friend emailed me to say my site has lost it’s contact form, and so it has. William my I.T. slave admitted, under duress, to having broken the contact form and then deleting it. Good help really is hard to find.

So, should you feel the need to contact me, please resist. As mentioned, I’m not taking sessions at the moment due to other work commitments.

For those intrepid souls wishing to contact me directly, please see the FAQ page for my email address.

If the need for a session becomes irresistible, Mistress Magenta at SatisfactionX should be able to see to your needs.

Take time to live – ‘MT

Depression and BDSM

I see Rick over at Silent Quivers has finally got some content up on his website, and I see the depression topic has been a focus. My goodness, it has taken him a while. I presume he and Judith have had a busy Christmas.

My take on depression is simple; see your doctor. Start there. Do it. Now.

I mean, if you break a bone or get a nasty cut, what do you do? You see a doctor. Then when you see the doctor they do a few things to get you right again. Depression is the same. No one thing is going to fix it and it takes time.

Cuts heal over time, depression heals over time. Both need the right care. If you had a nasty cut, would you put dirt on it? No. Same for depression. You do the right things to get cured.

I told you my take on it was simple.

Depression is awful. I see clients with it and I can cater for some of their needs but human beings are complex, depression happens for a number of reasons and more than one at the same time.

I promise that a good hard caning from me will take your mind off your depression… but I don’t think it treats the problem.

What I saw on the Russian internet article was that the caning was part of a clinic, not just a BDSM session that I and those like me provide. More than one thing, more than one therapy was happening, the ‘treatment’ wasn’t just a caning.

Anyway, applause to Rick at Silent Quivers for getting started. Christmas and the new year can be a difficult time for some, perhaps he’ll do some good.

Play happy – ‘MT

Day Release

For my first outing from the base since I got there, I made the trip to the nearest town and what a town this is. It is amazing. Sue’s diner is an ideal place to compose a longer blog entry and she even has free WiFi for me to upload. Also a winner is her salad. It’s nice and crisp with the vinegar dressing light and tangy, then, well, after that I spoiled myself with a slice of pecan pie. I’m more than halfway tempted to do a review for TripAdvisor.

Why the longer blog?

Seems to me this might be an ideal place to record my eclectic experiences, well some of them, in my two areas of expertise. Not only that, Trikki Watson my unofficial biographer and story teller can use it as ‘seed’ material for his books. I quite liked the last two and thinking that, it reminds me when I think of Rick and his gear, the saddle shop here has some interesting leather goods I’m going to invest in.

Anyway, on arrival I had just enough time after parking my sad little SUV to make a booking at the salon, right before police chief Loz cited me for vehicle defects. That was annoying, then he let me off so long as I got them fixed and that was a pleasure. Considering what was wrong with my SUV, I thought that a rather enlightened attitude which is much appreciated.

Note to self; never speed, go through a stop sign or get creative with law and order round here. This place is wired.

All in all the repairs to my SUV turned out well, I got it all done for a good price at Ron’s Autos and without the ‘ticket, saved some real money as well. My SUV was purchased for a good price and I can see why now, it is not in the best of mechanical condition. I’m thinking I’ve never disciplined a used car salesman, at least not that I know of, but I’m writing that occupation down for very strict treatment. I mean, there must be guilt lurking down in their psyche somewhere, the kind of guilt that only some serious corporal and maybe an extended introduction to Mr Peg will alleviate. They’ll feel better for it.

Anyway, sure, I can afford to buy a new SUV with all the options but why? I drive it once a week at most now, and it’s left out in the sun and the snow so that would be a waste and neglect of a fine SUV. Instead I’m toying with the idea of getting it mechanically sound, maybe even a little performance work done which will be cheaper and give me the same pleasure from my limited driving. Note to self; might be fun to have a hotted up SUV.

Everywhere I went in the town, population 5,200, people knew me or knew of me. What is it with this place? Starting with the chief of police, then the mechanic then the hair stylist, then at the diner I didn’t even need to say who I was (and I got called ‘honey’ – if my slaves only knew). There is no escape in this town, the internet has got nothing on these people for spreading information.

The real concern is that my ‘special role’ doesn’t get to be general knowledge. The D.I. (drill instructor) and the men I work out with on morning P.T. must have spread my name here. I have been uncommonly naughty in the morning workouts, twerking extra hard in my best skimpy and tight outfits. D.I. Triffit almost broke a smile on the first morning, but that would be asking too much.

I did a quick lookup of my website. Seems there is a direct correlation between an application of the cane and I.T. achievements as slave William will attest. Normally we work in sets of six for a ‘six of the best’ then repeat it a few times, but William being in I.T. we worked in groups of four bits. Four bits you ask? Well, that’s one nybble, half a byte and can have 16 combinations. So, I gave him sets of sixteen of the best. A few times. From looking at my website, I’d believe he did a lot of work standing up very soon after our little ‘heart to heart’ about my website.

You’re shitting me,’ was my unaccustomed salty comment when William told me about what’s happened to BitCoin. I don’t like swearing but that slipped out from surprise. He said it had climbed to twenty thousand a coin. I looked at him and said, ‘slave, I promise you that jokes about money do not impress Mistress,‘ but he swore it was true. I caned him anyway of course, but when I looked it up later I said it again, ‘you’re shitting me,’ again and quite loudly so it seems I’m a multimillionaire now. Wow. When do I sell? Should I sell? Should I hedge to maybe cash in a small number to convert to secure real cash? I saw a post saying it might hit $100k a ‘coin. You have to be kidding me on that one, no way, then again I was getting BitCoin at a few bucks a shot six years ago and I was even over-paying at the time. I’ve just got to make sure I’ve still got the password to my little stash and check on that broker. Having some hacker steal the lot would be so annoying.

With those thoughts, time to move on. I’ll get Ron at Ron’s autos to run up a plan to spruce up my little SUV.

Do play happily and play safe – ‘MT

Christmas 2017 best wishes

To ALL I wish a blissful Christmas and a happy, safe and healthy New Year.

2017 has been a year of upheaval for me and probably for many. Hopefully 2018 will be good for us all.

At this time of year I know so many people without loved ones nearby can feel depressed and I don’t blame them. I hate the thought of the bone deep sadness that would cause so I urge you to reach out. There are groups, churches, internet meeting places you may try. Do not suffer alone, please.

For myself a long way from my parents and friends I’m having Christmas at work. The Christmas spirit is somewhat subdued here but it does exist, an effort is made, and I feel included. Thank you.

Now, some of my clients have been sending me email, wondering at my return. As mentioned in my FAQ, I doubt I shall be returning any time soon. I do apologize we cannot session again in the near future but at least Mistress Magenta and Angel are there for you. Do make a booking with them.

All my best for the new year – ‘MT

BDSM For Stress Relief

Well Hello There.

It is difficult blogging, security here is tight and I’m honor as well as contractually and security bound to observe full security on my work. Both kinds of work.

My life has been more than busy what with the R&D project I’m involved with, but also the ‘special needs’ aspect of my engagement have been soaking up time too. Whilst I can’t detail exactly what I’m doing, I can give you a subtle feeling.

Subtle feelings and a dominatrix do not go hand-in-hand, but I’ll try.

Firstly, my new research is progressing toward a breakthrough in the realization of the theory. Simple as that. My supervisor believes, as do I, that it will develop into a new form of technology. There are so many avenues and pathways this can take. I’m looking for the pathway with wealth at the end of course.

Money. Wealth. Aside; what is it with BitCoin recently? Where is it really headed? My own stash, since I was doing sessions with part payment in BitCoin for the last 6 years is substantial and all of a sudden it is  worth real money. Lucky I didn’t buy pizzas with them as other people were doing.

My special after hours activities are also becoming demanding. Strangely enough, I’m finding my dominatrix work is becoming essential for my own stress relief. Immersing myself in the quantum continuum and spending so many hours deep in theory I find my brain does regularly need a rest. Just getting into my gear produces just such a feeling as after all, I’ve been doing it for a long time now. It’s amazing how the feeling of dressing in leather or rubber shifts my perceptions, changes my personality.

Maybe Rick at should write a small essay on the linking of the brains response to various forms of tactile stimulus. I might suggest it.

My dominatrix skills were the reason for me getting this engagement. Sure, the physics side was mandatory but the BDSM side was necessary to ‘treat’ other scientists. Euphemistically I could say that I’m whipping them into shape and you’d get the idea. The reality is that with the stress in their lives they need to escape and shift their perceptions.

What relieves stress and takes the individual away from reality better than a corporal punishment BDSM session? Answer; such a session with Mistress Tish. The whip helps, but the bondage, the restraint and lock and leave in a dungeon, the knowledge they must submit to ME are equally as cleansing for them as the whip. Rest assured the whip, the strap, the tawse and cane are not spared. Why should mere scientists get special attention and miss out on anything?

My first session with Dr X went well. He’s now got both mental and emotional feet back on the ground but sitting is difficult (as it should be after proper discipline). General-B is delighted but limited in his praise. “Doctor Swift, a war is not won with a single battle,” and I guess I know what he means. Dr X will get his next session soon enough. Submitting to Mistress will become his regular therapy.

Now, I struggle to believe it, they are foisting another scientist on me. Sigh. This time it is a woman and whilst I’m no stranger to applying thr strap to woman-bits, I do find it challenging. Hopefully Mandy will help.

‘Trikki over at is my biographer, writing up the notes I dictate and will release a new title in the coming weeks, maybe for the new year.

I notice that Rick over at ‘’ is struggling with his website. I should send William my I.T. slave over to help him, but since William broke my site, I might resist that temptation. I like Rick, his idea of a site that demystifies BDSM and talks to the people for whom it is taboo yet appealing is a good idea. I’ve had so many newbie clients crying from stress, anything that helps them can’t be a bad thing.

For now, play safe, play sane, ‘MT


What a busy couple of months

Well, I’m back.

I doubt I would ever have believed just how busy life can be.
First of all, and a huge apology, my original website was deleted due to my provider not having correct billing details. William my I.T. slave will be paying a heavy price for that.
This site, starting from the beginning has very little content as I’m now moving into another career and hence it would be unfair to raise false expectations, but I do have great affection for this part of my life.
Over the coming months I hope to occasionally post updates on my progress and my dear friend Trikki Watson has agreed to occasionally document some parts of my life.